Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Village Helps My Child Hate a Bottle Less

It takes a village to raise child
African proverb

     As new mommies, we need to surround ourselves with strong women who believe in us, the choices we make as moms...and will be there to dry our tears when we feel we have forever screwed up our child. The latter will likely take place over a cup of tea or if after 5 pm a glass of pino. 
   Today, I was lucky enough to hang with three such women.  Diana, who is a bit younger than I and has a beautiful one year old girl met for an afternoon stroll. But, we reverted to the true chic past Lesson Learned:  now I know that H&M has a baby section...should I hold out hope for Forever 21? We talked about breastfeeding, sleep schedules, best baby shopping deals, transitions from breast to bottle and even grabbed a seat in Macy's so I could properly that's a friend. Although we might be different ages as are our little girls...we are forever bonded..we are mommies. 
   Judy is in her 50's and is my, thank you baby Jesus for putting her in my life, lactation counselor. wee one does not like the pacifier (gasp) and HATES...yes hates the bottle even more. Now this is not an issue normally, but if John and I want to steal away for a few hours...I would like to know that my child will not dehydrate/starve. For those who may wonder what is in the bottle...yes my, I feel like a cow whose utters are 3 feet long when suctioned in this electric pump, good ol' fashioned breastmilk. 

   Judy took her from my arms almost immediately after we walked in and let my mom and I chat while she bounced around the house. Hhhhmmm... no crying heard...good sign. Judy then attempted the 2 bottles and 3 different nipple combos I brought. Out of the 3 bottles Ruby hated, we were able to narrow it down to the one she hated the steps. She also tried the breastmilk in a sippy cup...wasn't having it...and finally on a spoon. The spoon was the last straw, Miss Ruby let us know, the feed me from foreign objects experiment was like NASA...over! 
   Yet, during this time, my heart wasn't racing, my palms weren't sweating and my mind was contemplating (well just a little) the fact that it is my fault Ruby hastes anything but the boobie. Why??? The answer is simple...I was surrounded by 2 veteran moms who raised their children and were now there to help me raise mine. So as corny as it may sound, and no Hilary Clinton did not pen this does take a village to raise a child or at least a group of strong women. 

   To all you new mommies out there like myself, ask for advice and place people in your life who will help you become an even better mom! 
Happy Wednesday to all the Wonderful Women who make motherhood a fun adventure! 

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