Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Dress Appropriately Momma

     At 35, I feel that I know how to dress. I don't think Clinton & Stacy (from TLC's: What Not to Wear) will be knocking down my door and handing me a $5000 Bank of America gift card to shop for a new wardrobe (but if you do ever read this Clinton & Stacy...feel free), yet I also don't believe that fashionista's will be asking my advice on upcoming trends in Milan. So what's up with Tuesdays Tip....Dress Appropriately?
   As my mother, who is also a nurse, always told me...wear clean undies in case you are in an accident. Wait, what? First, of course my underwear are clean, second why are you thinking I am getting into an accident...and third why are the EMT's/Doctors looking at my cotton whites??? But having said that, you bet my undies were clean...and I will probably share the same wisdom with my little girl when she gets older.
   Yet, no motherly advice came when I picked the dress I would wear to my daughters Christening. I was shopping with my girlfriend when we popped into the shop, White House Black Market...love it! I was "just browsing" when I saw a cutie hanging on the SALE rack...how could a girl not peek. There it was, a black and white dress, with a bit of tulle to give it body, a scoop neck, red satin lining and my favorite...drum roll please...pockets!!! Yet the size was a single digit and almost true to pre-pregnancy size...the dreaded PP. But off I went with a hope and a dream...and out I came with a zipped dress and a twirl. Wrap it, pack it...it's mine. 
   Not until we were standing on the alter, and my normally happy baby was behaving like we were preforming a exorcism did I realize I made a major mommy fashion faux pas. Her head was turning (not all the way like Exorcist...yikes) the tongue was flicking, the back was arching, the cries were defenning, and the right side of my dress was soaked. You got it...she wanted the goods. Unfortunately, the goods were nicely packaged away in my single digit, it zipped up, I have to have it dress. 
   So to all the mommies out there with much more wisdom then I...this was a newbie mistake. If you are a breastfeeding momma...DRESS APPROPRIATELY!  We're talking v-necks, stretchy material or those fancy, my boob can pop out if you lift this and tuck that, type of dress! Happily, Ruby and I did steal away from the party and had 3 feedings sitting on the toilet seat cover in the bathroom, yet I have to say these bathroom bonding moments are my favorite memories of her Christening. As I held her in my arms and listened as the celebration roared on...I thought of how lucky I was. Out of the 80+ people in that room, I was the only one she wanted. I was the only person who could calm her , give her the nourishment she needed and eventually put her to sleep....I was her Mommy.  
   As a side note...I wear Ruby most of the time. She is not one for the stroller for long periods, so into the sling she goes. Whether my dress was a single or triple digit the day of her Christening...I ended up wearing the best accessory a MilkShake Momma could imagine...
my little girl! 

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