Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday...Funky Cold Medina

     Before you past judgement or call ACS...let me explain. If you are a mommy who grew up in the 80's you might know Tone Loc and his hit Funky Cold Medina. As an adult, I now can decipher what the lyrics really mean..and it actually sounds like ruffies...but lets not focus on that. 

   Anyway, I was working on a post and Miss Ruby was quite restless. I was about to put Ruby to the Boobie when the Funky Cold Medina came on Music Choice 80's. Really, this calls for some dancing. Ruby and I danced around the living room, did some squats and even worked my arms. She was quite amused as her mommy sang these funny words. You see, although I was a teacher of little ones, I did not retain any of the traditional nursery rhymes. Our first song as mommy and daughter was, I like Big Butts by Sir Mix-A-Lot. I know I will get better with the children's songs...but for now it is 80's songs for my munchkin! 

   For this Thankful Thursday, I am glad I am not a traditional mom. I can laugh at myself and even use the most bizarre situations to have fun with my baby. I am also grateful that 80's rap music can make my baby laugh and make me realize that every moment with her is precious. So if you need to let loose to some Funky Cold Medina...hit the link know you want too!  

   Be thankful for the little things that only you and your baby share, in a blink of an eye she will be dancing in her own living room with her little girl...sniff, sniff. 
Now back to some more dancing!
   Thanks Tone Loc

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