Monday, November 7, 2011

Ruby to the Boobie...

     August 12, 2011 was the day my world forever changed. Granted I had 10 months to prepare...not sure how 9 months of bliss was a synonym for 10 months...but that is just a side note.  At 3:01 pm little  Miss Ruby Mae came into the world screaming. With a name like Ruby Mae and that set of lungs...I'm betting on soulful Jazz signer...others say street walker...their just kidding, I hope.
   Having had a c-section, I knew she wouldn't be placed on my juices and all immediately. I would have to wait about an hour before I could hold my sweetie. Yet with meds in my veins, it seemed just a short time before I was being whisked into recovery. It was then my lactation counselor (love her) brought Ruby to me. She placed her on my left breast and (my very advanced...if I do say so myself) Ruby latched right on.

   For some unexplained reason, (thank you baby Jesus) breastfeeding came easy to both of us. As I say, "we have lift off", meaning she found the source and has latched herself on...1, 2, 3.  No nightmare stories of bleeding nipples, fist clenching latches...just very natural and sweet Ruby to the Boobie moments. Ruby amazed me how at only 1 hour old, she new what she needed to thrive. Even now, almost 3 months later, her instinct is what leaves me speechless.
   Breastfeeding is beautiful...but let's be honest...did you think your baby would feed as much as she does? I absolutely love breastfeeding, but I am astounded at how much my little one eats. It has become a family joke that I am Ruby Mae's human pacifier. Honestly I take pride in my new role and relish every minute of it. a bar, in a car, in a church, always in a lurch...that's when I feed.
   Believe me, I am not a woman who would ever go to a topless beach and actually thought babies were bought at a "grocery" type store for much of my childhood...never got the birds and bees thing. But now, Ruby's needs come before everything else! If she hungry, unhappy, in pain, etc, she is my top priority. Thus my wardrobe has changed quite a bit to accommodate "the need to feed/suckle". As any mommy knows, you don't want to be sitting in the bathroom or "family nursing room" while everyone else is having fun. So lil' Ruby has brought out my exhibitionist side in a very toned down manner.
   At MilkShake Momma...I want to dedicate Mondays to all the Momma's out there. I still haven't taken that angelic picture of Ruby nursing while I am in a euphoric state, but I feel that our pictures capture us. So here's a classic...
Ruby to the Boobie....
yes that is her Christening dress!

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