Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Happiest Thanksgiving!

   It took 34 years and one little miracle to transform me! Ruby Mae may only weigh 11.9 pounds (yup...all my work through boobie milk) but the imprint she leaves on my heart is so profound. Ruby makes me want to be a better woman. She makes me want to look at life through her eyes...soak in all the beauty and overlook all the sadness there may be in this world.
 In the 3 months she has been with us, I have changed in so many ways. People always say that once you have a child you will be altered...but I guess I always thought superficially...rather than deep down in your soul. See...I am learning everyday in this new mommy role! Ruby Mae has made me believe in myself, she has brought me back to church and God but above all she has taught me how precious a gift she really is. 

   I think back to last Thanksgiving, when John and I were preggo and didn't even know it yet. I smile at our complete ignorance and rejoice in the unlikeliest of surprises we have ever received. As I sit at the Thanksgiving table this year, surrounded by family and friends...the question "What are you thankful for" will have such a deeper meaning. It seems than since becoming a Mommy, my thoughts, feelings and actions have all been transformed. I am no longer just a wife, daughter, niece, cousin, friend...but I am blessed to be a Mommy. I never understood how miraculous motherhood was until Ruby Mae came into my life. 

   So on the eve of Thanksgiving, which used to be the biggest party night going...hhhmmm yet another thing that has changed...I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. May your blessings be great and your worries few this year. 

   To my little Ruby Mae, you are what I am most thankful for. You have made our house a home, a loving couple a family and the world a much sweeter place. I love you... 
Happy 1st Thanksgiving

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