Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Little Gobble Gobble Humor...

   From the time we're kids...moms always reminds us to stop playing with our food, eat with our mouths closed, sit up straight, elbows off the table, no you vcan't  save the gum till after dinner (yuck) Even if she had to yell it out these reminders from the living room to the bedroom..where the kids cart table was set up for Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, thats apartment living in the Bronx...wouldn't have it any other way. Now being a nursing mom of a vivacious 3 month old, "playing with your food" takes on a whole new meaning!

Happy Thanksgiving...hope dinner is yummy for all!

Check out for a few breastfeeding giggles!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Happiest Thanksgiving!

   It took 34 years and one little miracle to transform me! Ruby Mae may only weigh 11.9 pounds (yup...all my work through boobie milk) but the imprint she leaves on my heart is so profound. Ruby makes me want to be a better woman. She makes me want to look at life through her eyes...soak in all the beauty and overlook all the sadness there may be in this world.
 In the 3 months she has been with us, I have changed in so many ways. People always say that once you have a child you will be altered...but I guess I always thought superficially...rather than deep down in your soul. See...I am learning everyday in this new mommy role! Ruby Mae has made me believe in myself, she has brought me back to church and God but above all she has taught me how precious a gift she really is. 

   I think back to last Thanksgiving, when John and I were preggo and didn't even know it yet. I smile at our complete ignorance and rejoice in the unlikeliest of surprises we have ever received. As I sit at the Thanksgiving table this year, surrounded by family and friends...the question "What are you thankful for" will have such a deeper meaning. It seems than since becoming a Mommy, my thoughts, feelings and actions have all been transformed. I am no longer just a wife, daughter, niece, cousin, friend...but I am blessed to be a Mommy. I never understood how miraculous motherhood was until Ruby Mae came into my life. 

   So on the eve of Thanksgiving, which used to be the biggest party night going...hhhmmm yet another thing that has changed...I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. May your blessings be great and your worries few this year. 

   To my little Ruby Mae, you are what I am most thankful for. You have made our house a home, a loving couple a family and the world a much sweeter place. I love you... 
Happy 1st Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday...Funky Cold Medina

     Before you past judgement or call ACS...let me explain. If you are a mommy who grew up in the 80's you might know Tone Loc and his hit Funky Cold Medina. As an adult, I now can decipher what the lyrics really mean..and it actually sounds like ruffies...but lets not focus on that. 

   Anyway, I was working on a post and Miss Ruby was quite restless. I was about to put Ruby to the Boobie when the Funky Cold Medina came on Music Choice 80's. Really, this calls for some dancing. Ruby and I danced around the living room, did some squats and even worked my arms. She was quite amused as her mommy sang these funny words. You see, although I was a teacher of little ones, I did not retain any of the traditional nursery rhymes. Our first song as mommy and daughter was, I like Big Butts by Sir Mix-A-Lot. I know I will get better with the children's songs...but for now it is 80's songs for my munchkin! 

   For this Thankful Thursday, I am glad I am not a traditional mom. I can laugh at myself and even use the most bizarre situations to have fun with my baby. I am also grateful that 80's rap music can make my baby laugh and make me realize that every moment with her is precious. So if you need to let loose to some Funky Cold Medina...hit the link know you want too!  

   Be thankful for the little things that only you and your baby share, in a blink of an eye she will be dancing in her own living room with her little girl...sniff, sniff. 
Now back to some more dancing!
   Thanks Tone Loc

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Village Helps My Child Hate a Bottle Less

It takes a village to raise child
African proverb

     As new mommies, we need to surround ourselves with strong women who believe in us, the choices we make as moms...and will be there to dry our tears when we feel we have forever screwed up our child. The latter will likely take place over a cup of tea or if after 5 pm a glass of pino. 
   Today, I was lucky enough to hang with three such women.  Diana, who is a bit younger than I and has a beautiful one year old girl met for an afternoon stroll. But, we reverted to the true chic past Lesson Learned:  now I know that H&M has a baby section...should I hold out hope for Forever 21? We talked about breastfeeding, sleep schedules, best baby shopping deals, transitions from breast to bottle and even grabbed a seat in Macy's so I could properly that's a friend. Although we might be different ages as are our little girls...we are forever bonded..we are mommies. 
   Judy is in her 50's and is my, thank you baby Jesus for putting her in my life, lactation counselor. wee one does not like the pacifier (gasp) and HATES...yes hates the bottle even more. Now this is not an issue normally, but if John and I want to steal away for a few hours...I would like to know that my child will not dehydrate/starve. For those who may wonder what is in the bottle...yes my, I feel like a cow whose utters are 3 feet long when suctioned in this electric pump, good ol' fashioned breastmilk. 

   Judy took her from my arms almost immediately after we walked in and let my mom and I chat while she bounced around the house. Hhhhmmm... no crying heard...good sign. Judy then attempted the 2 bottles and 3 different nipple combos I brought. Out of the 3 bottles Ruby hated, we were able to narrow it down to the one she hated the steps. She also tried the breastmilk in a sippy cup...wasn't having it...and finally on a spoon. The spoon was the last straw, Miss Ruby let us know, the feed me from foreign objects experiment was like NASA...over! 
   Yet, during this time, my heart wasn't racing, my palms weren't sweating and my mind was contemplating (well just a little) the fact that it is my fault Ruby hastes anything but the boobie. Why??? The answer is simple...I was surrounded by 2 veteran moms who raised their children and were now there to help me raise mine. So as corny as it may sound, and no Hilary Clinton did not pen this does take a village to raise a child or at least a group of strong women. 

   To all you new mommies out there like myself, ask for advice and place people in your life who will help you become an even better mom! 
Happy Wednesday to all the Wonderful Women who make motherhood a fun adventure! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Dress Appropriately Momma

     At 35, I feel that I know how to dress. I don't think Clinton & Stacy (from TLC's: What Not to Wear) will be knocking down my door and handing me a $5000 Bank of America gift card to shop for a new wardrobe (but if you do ever read this Clinton & Stacy...feel free), yet I also don't believe that fashionista's will be asking my advice on upcoming trends in Milan. So what's up with Tuesdays Tip....Dress Appropriately?
   As my mother, who is also a nurse, always told me...wear clean undies in case you are in an accident. Wait, what? First, of course my underwear are clean, second why are you thinking I am getting into an accident...and third why are the EMT's/Doctors looking at my cotton whites??? But having said that, you bet my undies were clean...and I will probably share the same wisdom with my little girl when she gets older.
   Yet, no motherly advice came when I picked the dress I would wear to my daughters Christening. I was shopping with my girlfriend when we popped into the shop, White House Black it! I was "just browsing" when I saw a cutie hanging on the SALE could a girl not peek. There it was, a black and white dress, with a bit of tulle to give it body, a scoop neck, red satin lining and my favorite...drum roll please...pockets!!! Yet the size was a single digit and almost true to pre-pregnancy size...the dreaded PP. But off I went with a hope and a dream...and out I came with a zipped dress and a twirl. Wrap it, pack's mine. 
   Not until we were standing on the alter, and my normally happy baby was behaving like we were preforming a exorcism did I realize I made a major mommy fashion faux pas. Her head was turning (not all the way like Exorcist...yikes) the tongue was flicking, the back was arching, the cries were defenning, and the right side of my dress was soaked. You got it...she wanted the goods. Unfortunately, the goods were nicely packaged away in my single digit, it zipped up, I have to have it dress. 
   So to all the mommies out there with much more wisdom then I...this was a newbie mistake. If you are a breastfeeding momma...DRESS APPROPRIATELY!  We're talking v-necks, stretchy material or those fancy, my boob can pop out if you lift this and tuck that, type of dress! Happily, Ruby and I did steal away from the party and had 3 feedings sitting on the toilet seat cover in the bathroom, yet I have to say these bathroom bonding moments are my favorite memories of her Christening. As I held her in my arms and listened as the celebration roared on...I thought of how lucky I was. Out of the 80+ people in that room, I was the only one she wanted. I was the only person who could calm her , give her the nourishment she needed and eventually put her to sleep....I was her Mommy.  
   As a side note...I wear Ruby most of the time. She is not one for the stroller for long periods, so into the sling she goes. Whether my dress was a single or triple digit the day of her Christening...I ended up wearing the best accessory a MilkShake Momma could imagine...
my little girl! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ruby to the Boobie...

     August 12, 2011 was the day my world forever changed. Granted I had 10 months to prepare...not sure how 9 months of bliss was a synonym for 10 months...but that is just a side note.  At 3:01 pm little  Miss Ruby Mae came into the world screaming. With a name like Ruby Mae and that set of lungs...I'm betting on soulful Jazz signer...others say street walker...their just kidding, I hope.
   Having had a c-section, I knew she wouldn't be placed on my juices and all immediately. I would have to wait about an hour before I could hold my sweetie. Yet with meds in my veins, it seemed just a short time before I was being whisked into recovery. It was then my lactation counselor (love her) brought Ruby to me. She placed her on my left breast and (my very advanced...if I do say so myself) Ruby latched right on.

   For some unexplained reason, (thank you baby Jesus) breastfeeding came easy to both of us. As I say, "we have lift off", meaning she found the source and has latched herself on...1, 2, 3.  No nightmare stories of bleeding nipples, fist clenching latches...just very natural and sweet Ruby to the Boobie moments. Ruby amazed me how at only 1 hour old, she new what she needed to thrive. Even now, almost 3 months later, her instinct is what leaves me speechless.
   Breastfeeding is beautiful...but let's be honest...did you think your baby would feed as much as she does? I absolutely love breastfeeding, but I am astounded at how much my little one eats. It has become a family joke that I am Ruby Mae's human pacifier. Honestly I take pride in my new role and relish every minute of it. a bar, in a car, in a church, always in a lurch...that's when I feed.
   Believe me, I am not a woman who would ever go to a topless beach and actually thought babies were bought at a "grocery" type store for much of my childhood...never got the birds and bees thing. But now, Ruby's needs come before everything else! If she hungry, unhappy, in pain, etc, she is my top priority. Thus my wardrobe has changed quite a bit to accommodate "the need to feed/suckle". As any mommy knows, you don't want to be sitting in the bathroom or "family nursing room" while everyone else is having fun. So lil' Ruby has brought out my exhibitionist side in a very toned down manner.
   At MilkShake Momma...I want to dedicate Mondays to all the Momma's out there. I still haven't taken that angelic picture of Ruby nursing while I am in a euphoric state, but I feel that our pictures capture us. So here's a classic...
Ruby to the Boobie....
yes that is her Christening dress!